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Professional Websites

Have Professional Websites Become Useless?

Has the era of professional websites ended? With the overwhelming popularity of social media platforms today, SMEs and freelancers alike have been forced to advertise on these platforms to contact their audiences directly. Now with new installations like Call-To-Action buttons and AutoPlay videos, there is a minute disparity between the services offered by social media…

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Why are Brands Getting so Personal?

You have probably noticed that brands are using very personal marketing tactics lately. It seems like a tiny robot is tracking our every move and offering videos, discounts, and ads according to our preferences. So why have marketers all of a sudden veered into the personal lane? Well, probably because we’re responding to it.  Here’s…

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SEO Essentials for the Rest of 2015

SEO best practices are constantly changing, so brands must keep up if they want to stay on top of search engine rankings. SEO has become a key tool in brand promotion, and effective tactics tend to change as Google shifts their algorithm.  To stay on top of SEO trends in the second half of this…

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happening with google+

What is Happening with Google+?

What Brands Need to Know About the Changes: Recently, Techcrunch, Forbes, Marketing Land, and Mashable (just to name a few) have published various articles claiming that the death of Google+ is upon us. Our initial reaction was a little panicked because Google+ is used a lot in the world of social media marketing and SEO,…

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