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Social Media Tools to Facilitate Productivity

Social Media

In today’s business world, you need multiple social media accounts to stay relevant. Unfortunately, you’d be lying to yourself if you said monitoring these accounts doesn’t take up a huge part of your busy workday. So here are six apps that will help you clear through the monotonous parts of maintaining your social media profiles and increase your overall daily productivity!


In one day you probably check at least 5-8 different news sites, if not more. What Feedly does is consolidate all your internet surfing in one place. This app will help you stay up-to-date with the latest in technology, business, world news, or anything else you’re interested in. By giving Feedly the URL, it will add the site to your collection. All the sites latest news articles will then appear in one newsfeed for you to surf through, side by side. You can choose to surf through the articles of just one of your chosen websites or all of the websites simultaneously. You can also separate your websites into different categories. One thing is for sure, surfing the web has never been easier with this app.


What Feedly can do with your websites, Rignite can do with your social media platforms, such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  With Rignite, you receive posts from all your social media profiles in one big newsfeed. You can post to multiple platforms at once and even chat to your social media connections through the site. Not only that, if you are in need of interesting content to post, you can connect your Feedly to your account so you can search your favorite sites for content right there on Rignite. Other helpful functions include: running campaigns/contests, revising your posting strategies using their analytics, and monitoring trending topics. Rignite actually consolidates your social media life in one place!


Momentum is a free Google Chrome plug-in that will keep on task for the day and stop you from swimming in new search tabs. How? Momentum starts by asking you what your main goal is for the day, as well as two minor goals that you’d like to finish. Then, as you go about your day opening new tabs and making new searches, Momentum will kindly pop up to remind you of your daily goal. This app will become like a new team member in your daily work routine, greeting you as you open your computer and updating you with daily tidbits such as the weather. If you need an extra push with your daily goals this app with help you stay the course.


Essentially this app is Pinterest pinning made easier. More specifically, it is a platform where you can schedule your repins and study analytics to see how certain pins perform over others. You can also pin any image you may find on the internet with a convenient tailwind button that appears, courtesy of Tailwind Publisher on Google Chrome. Tailwind even provides suggestions for the best times to post according to when followers are likely to be most active. Overall the functions and analytics available on this app help you tighten up your Pinterest prowess and make using the platform a breeze.


Though this app is quite similar to Rignite, Edgar has other advantages. Edgar organizes your social media updates and post on every social media platform. It even posts on Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups and profiles. You can create detailed posting schedules for each platform. One of the great elements of this app is the library where you can input any media that you may want to use for future posts. Edgar also catalogs everything you ever posted so you can review and revise previous posting strategies. This app will certainly help you do away with your social media excel spreadsheets for good!


Sifting through tweets is mind-numbing, so Topsy is here to cut through that information for you. With Topsy, you search a category, ex. Baseball, and Topsy will not only bring up all tweets related to the category but will also give you key analytics on how much that category has been trending in the last hour, day, week, etc. Monitor and analyze tweets quicker with this app.

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