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How to Join the Social Media Scene as a Startup

When launching a new startup, there are a lot of factors to deal with and prioritize in the first month. We know you’re building your team, trying to get more funding, but, one of the first things that we believe is important is establishing a presence in social media. Many social media tools will aid in the growth and strength of your business during your launch. Three main tools you should definitely utilize are Twitter, Facebook, and a company blog. Here’s an outline of some things to consider before you launch your social media campaigns…

Three main things to understand from the start:

1.) You need to create a voice for your company. What angle are you going to take when approaching your particular market? Funny, serious, informative, etc.?

2.) Once your social media pages are created, add linked buttons on your company website to these outlets in order to increase the number of people following your pages.

3.) Post regularly. Once launched, your social media pages need to stay up-to-date and continuously posted on and added to in order to keep your content interesting, but don’t spam us! Typically 1-2 posts per day in the beginning is just fine.

Now for some more outlet-specific tips!


  • Make sure to pick a name and handle that reflect your business and logo so it is easily recognizable.
  • When writing your page description, include only the most important information and add the web link to your company site.
  • Don’t post every two minutes. It is easy to go overboard on Twitter, so make sure you are not overloading or spamming your followers with information.
  • Be sure to follow other people of interest, tweet, re-tweet, and reply to tweets that are related to your business or industry.
  • Use Hootsuite or another scheduling service, so you don’t need to spend too much time on this.


  • The face of your page is your picture, so pick something that is suitable, appropriate, and eye-catching.
  • Include your company overview and your mission in the page description, but keep it short and to the point to maintain viewers’ interest.
  • Facebook is a great place for more involved conversations, so tailor your posts and tone to reflect your brand and the people you are attempting to reach out to.
  • Post at peak times. It has been seen that Facebook receives the most views between 1 and 4 pm, and Wednesdays at 3pm is the best time to post.


  • It is recommended that you post a minimum of 2-3 times a week. If you want to acquire loyal readers, you must be continually coming out with new blogs for them to stay informed and interested. But hey, we get it, you’re busy, so try for at least one per week when starting out.
  • Do not use your blog as another marketing tool for advertising or self-promoting. Focus your posts on experiences, recent news, insights, etc.
  • Remember to use the same voice throughout all of your posts. This allows readers to identify with your company and the writer while also giving a personality to your company.

Now that you have this awesome and simple outline, get out there and join the world of social media!


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