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Why are Brands Getting so Personal?

BrandsYou have probably noticed that brands are using very personal marketing tactics lately. It seems like a tiny robot is tracking our every move and offering videos, discounts, and ads according to our preferences. So why have marketers all of a sudden veered into the personal lane? Well, probably because we’re responding to it.  Here’s how marketers are now personalizing campaigns and how consumers are reacting to it.


Video has always been an important aspect in a marketing campaign, and now it’s getting more personal. With the use of interactive videos, marketers and brands have found a way to personalize a company video. Consumers can click through a video, change it, and eventually arrive on a call to action that takes them right where they want to go.

It’s no longer customary to create a blanketed video for all consumers, now companies can tailor them. Now it’s not just your name showing up in the subject line of an email, your name shows up in a video that’s directed at you.


A whopping 80% of email users like retail product recommendations based on previous purchases. We enjoy when a brand knows our buying habits and offers us discounts on items we may buy in the future. In other words, we like personalized discounts. And we really don’t like when a brand gets it wrong:

Consumers receiving irrelevant marketing messages may not open the next offer from the company, perhaps unsubscribing from the company’s content or deleting the company’s mobile app. Worst of all, 40 percent of consumers say they are less likely to buy from the company in the future. – CIO

Not only do we love our personal discounts, but we also hate our non-personal discounts.


With the rise of programmatic ads it seems we’re never left alone. Those pair of shoes you checked out on JCrew now pop on your Facebook feed and seemingly every single site you click on. Brands now monitor your online behaviour and create ads that cater to that. At times it feels scary, but this tactic actually works, as 82% of marketers have executed digital ads programmatically in the last year.

Programmatic is just another way to get personal, and consumers are apparently open to it, as most marketers plan to increase their programmatic budget this year.


The personalization goes offline as well. The Share a Coke campaign focuses on making Coca-Cola more personal for consumers. We saw masses picking through Coke bottle bins trying to find their name to enjoy “their own” beverage. Consumers flocked to this personal touch done very well by Coca-Cola’s marketing team.

So why are brands getting so personal? Because we want them to! While some find it invasive and lacking privacy etiquette, consumers are responding well to the personalization of marketing, so this trend won’t go away anytime soon.

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