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5 Tips to Start Using Pinterest to Build Your Brand

Pinterest is rapidly evolving into a well-received social network that is capturing new users daily. It has already attracted a wide audience of influential users ranging from large media publications to major retail brands. So how can you utilize Pinterest to promote your brand and build a community of followers? Below are 5 tips to help get you started.


Pin Tip #1: Create pin-worthy content
Pinterest is an excellent tool to share your personality and view of the world, all while building relationships with potential and existing customers. Ideally you want to mix personal content while marketing your business, so it is best to try to incorporate your Pinterest content into your blog or website as well. You want people to find something on your board they can relate to and repin to their board. This will increase exposure to your board and ultimately your brand.

Pin Tip #2: Optimize your website for pinning
Adding a “Pin it” icon to all the pages of your website will allow and encourage your visitors to re-pin any images on your website they might like. You should first test pinning images yourself to be sure that your site images are “pinnable.”

Pin Tip #3: Start pinning
The more you can show your audience what a great source you are in your niche by pinning related content, the more you will establish yourself as an inspiring pinner. It is important to visit other websites and pin or re-pin quality content to avoid just pinning your own images (this can become spammy). By creating a good mix between sharing your own content, as well as inspiration from others, you can grow a loyal following.

Pin Tip #4: Promotion
Once you have an active account and a decent following, be sure to place “Follow on Pinterest” buttons on your website, blog, email signature, and anywhere else so you can attract more followers. You can also link back to your website in Pinterest by adding your company’s website and other social media links to your Pinterest profile.

Pin Tip #5: Keep at it
All social media sites require consistent attention in order to be successful and Pinterest is no different. Use free time to browse and add new pins daily or dedicate the job to someone else to keep your account updated so you can attract new followers!

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