Wideo's Co-Founder, Agu De Marco, frequently contributes to conversations in the tech and startup communities.
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Wideo, a DIY animation video platform, was in need of a marketing campaign to target the US market and to establish awareness and credibility pertaining to their brand. We constructed a tailored brand strategy for the startup in order to increase online awareness via social and traditional media, enhance their online presence, and increase the amount of users on the platform.



  • Personal branding for Co-Founder, Agu De Marco, including bylines and media campaigns in order to make him more well known in the world of startup tech
  • Numerous media campaigns and social media campaigns that highlight the company’s unique features over the past 2+ years


  • Using content-based SEO tactics such as infographic creation, we increased Wideo’s rankings on search engines for numerous keywords


The increased brand presence led to Co-Founder of Wideo, Agu De Marco being accepted in the startup accelerators, 500 Startups and NXTP Labs. Professionals, teachers, and startups have been receptive to the platform, using the platform for interviews, presentations, and demo videos.

We have had media success in publications such as The Next Web, VentureBeat, and Mashable.


We continue to be impressed with their work and ability to build our brand in the online space. Their constant attention and talent have helped us improve our marketing campaign.

// Co-Founder, Agus Esperon