Vibe Differentiator's intro screen concisely summarizes the product for students and gets them started with no additional clicks.
Parents are able to track their children's progress across all products on their dashboard.


Vibeffect products are tailored to families with teens getting ready for college. They offer two applications that guide students, through the decision-making process.

Vibe Primer measures teens’ preferences in four key areas in order to identify the characteristics they most value and should look for when considering a college.

Vibe Differentiator helps students to identify which of their top college options, best fits their needs and expectations.



  • A back end built with Symfony2 and a RESTful API
  • For the front end:
    • AngularJS as our javascript framework and a lot of angular plugins for adding several things like rich text editors, emoji icons, etc, Sass for the CSS, HTML5
    • Automated compilation of sass scss files and Javascript using NPM, Gulp and Browserify


  • A color palette that reflects Vibeffect’s established friendly color scheme, while also maintaining a vibe that corresponds with the app’s academic content
  • Customized icons and graphics
  • Results are reported in beautiful, easy to parse charts and bulleted summaries
  • Simple animations add interest to the application


Since we built both apps from zero, we had the opportunity to apply current technologies like AngularJS. We also built a backend following the RESTFul approach, which opens up the possibility to easily use the current backend for a native mobile app build in the future.

We continue work implementing account editing for users and a service framework for processing payments.