InferCabulary Pro

In the game, students click the photos to learn more about them and eventually select the vocab word that best describes all four.
Each game level is represented as a climb. The goal is to finish all climbs and reach the summit of the mountain.
Teachers are equipped with tools to view, track and control students’ individual progress with a high-level summary and filterable word list.


InferCabulary Pro is a vocabulary game which helps kids grades 1-12 to learn new words by associating illustrative photos with each word and its definition. When the ICP team approached us, they had a simple version of the game built exclusively for tablets. They wanted to expand the application and shift their sales to target institutions and schools, rather than individual downloads. The original tablet app was less than practical for classroom use, so we suggested a rebuild with compatibility across devices. In order to further meet the needs of institutions and educators, we suggested implementing interfaces to easily manage content and to track and report students’ progress. Lastly, the rebuild also afforded us the opportunity to revamp and embellish on the game design in order to appeal to ICP’s young audience.



  • Built on an AngularJS framework as a single page application
  • Audio file recording and backend filtering and re-coding using SoX
  • Google account login implementation
  • Symfony2 backend implementing a RESTful API interface


  • The game is based upon the concept of climbing a mountain – each level completed moves the player a step closer to reaching the summit of the mountain. Items such as ropes and carabiners provide support if the student happens to “slip” – select an incorrect answer.
  • Playful icons and details, such as ropes and carabiners, keep the game fun and light-hearted while students are learning vocab.
  • Incorporates Angular Material Design elements
  • Click-through onboarding for new users


The new IC Pro build has recently completed its first round of user testing, and is currently launching a pilot program in several schools. The user-friendly admin tools allowed the IC Pro team to set up thousands of words, pictures, and audio recordings in a short span of time. Students are loving the gamification and fast performance, and the intuitive interface helps them quickly understand what to do. Teachers and speech therapists have provided very positive feedback about the innovative learning method, and how enthusiastic their students are to play.