The Teacher's Helper screen functions as the app's landing page and teachers' dashboard.
Recommended activity results can be filtered by activity type as well as 3 levels of learning standards. Teachers can even search for specific students or the entire class.
These recommended activities can then be assigned to students. Teachers can view and manage activity assignments directly from the nav bar.
Each student has their own learning profile which tracks their progress across 10 distinct learning areas. The progress chart also doubles as a real-time filter for activity recommendations for the student.
Progress is measured to date or over time. Clicking one learning area in the chart will filter the recommended activities below.
Creative Expression activities filtered for a 7 year old student.


Curiosityville, an online learning platform for kids, was in need of a few development projects and has since taken advantage of our offerings to implement a full media campaign.



  • Developed a multi-dimensional application for searching, assigning, and tracking educational activities, across age level and learning area
  • Developed highly customized algorithms to power activity searches and progress reporting
  • Integrated the kids’ games and activities, which already existed, with the reporting application


  • Developed designs that equally addresses the concerns of multiple user types
  • The application offers an enormous amount of complex content; we developed a clean layout that makes key content intuitively available to users
  • Organized the elements of Curiosityville’s established style guide to better serve the app’s complex UI


  • Launched a brand awareness campaign with online marketing efforts
  • Increased traffic through a blog featuring timely content surrounding childhood education


  • Increased brand visibility by implementing the most prominent keywords used in the early childhood education space
  • Implemented technical maintenance of the website so as to remain in good standing with search engines
  • Boosted credibility of brand by using quality content and maintaining good standing with search engine crawlers


Our work on Curiosityville has created a one-of-a-kind education portal for professionals and children. Our work together has resulted in successful partnership with education systems and increased organic traffic to the website.