ClickOn's search results can be individually filtered by each attribute, such as discount value or location.
Deals can also be viewed as either a list or a map display.
We added a slim, sticky search bar to the header so that users can perform a search on any page of the site.


The ClickOn brand had been offering discount packages similar to and wanted to branch out to offer a discount card to use in participating businesses. The resulting application offers ClickOn’s users to purchase the card and search for deals. And the highly customized CMS backend allows ClickOn to easily manage their users, vendors, and deals.



  • Built a new custom CRM to replace Salesforce for managing sales pipeline
  • Implemented the functionality to enable an automated payment and invoicing process
  • Converted existing website to WordPress platform for optimal usability


  • A design that complements its sister site by using similar colors and fonts
  • Created a sleek, user-friendly portal for ClickOn members to find discounts using a flexible and intuitive search screen
  • Fully responsive design allows mobile users to check discounts while out and about


  • Increased brand visibility by identifying most prominent keyword for the brand


Once our development team completed the customized management system, ClickOn reported that the internal processes were more efficient, resulting in less overhead and errors in the backend.