Top 3 Free Generator Tools to Create an Infographic Online

We’ve all seen those long, information saturated graphics while surfing the web. I can almost guarantee that about half of you even thought about attempting to create your own because you are invincible and creative, right? Well, if you haven’t created that infographic and can’t afford the pricey fees of outsourcing the task to a professional infographic firm, like, don’t worry. We’ve scoured the internet for the best infographic generation platforms available for free and put in the same information to all of them in order to test which one is the best.  Here are our results:

Top Pick:

After analyzing generator after generator, is being dubbed the champion of the free online infographic generation platforms. is loaded with hundreds of preloaded objects which can be easily customized and inserted into your infographic. With basic editing functions, it is safe to say you could have your youngest child create an amazing infographic for your business. I mean, what are child labor laws anyway?

Whether you don’t have the creative gene or simply don’t have time to create a theme from scratch, has your back. The platform contains a variety of customizable Vhemes (AKA visual themes), that can be turned into your own masterpieces with only a few clicks of the mouse.

A slight downfall with this platform is that you have to create a login before you can save and publish your work in their beta site.


Runer-up: Gliffy

Gliffy comes in at a close second to Containing an extensive database of simple objects, it would be a great tool for anyone familiar with Microsoft’s Visio, as I feel the platforms are very similar.

Again, just like, you have to create an account before you can save your infographics. However, when you first sign up for the account you are in a 15 day free trial period that gives you many extras. One of those extras is the ability to collaborate with others. After the trial period, you can choose to stay with the basic free version and lose some of the features or you can pick one of their other pricing options ranging from $5 – 10 per month.

So you need to decide if the ease of use Gliffy offers outweighs the small monthly fee? (Or just forfeit a few of the features and use the basic free version)

How to make an infographic

Third Place: is great if your aspiration is to create a smaller and more compact infographic with an awesome chart. Limited with only six infographic templates to pick from, your creativity is restrained. This downfall is counterbalanced with one of the best chart generators I have ever experienced. The library of charts has a range from the classic pie to the modern word cloud.

The only reason ranked lower than the others is because that awesome infograpic you just created can only be shared  through social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc. Once you purchase the “Pro” version at $18/mo, then you are granted the ability to download the graphic in PDF or PNG format while gaining a whopping four more templates.


Honorable Mention:  ICharts

It would be wrong for me not to leave you with a great chart generation platform discovered during this process.

ICharts is packed with an assortment of charts that will meet the needs of any type of data; however, the editing tools are more complex than the others sites that have been tested. Using the basic version will save you between $10 and $165 per month, but you are limited from many of the platform’s features and tools.

Make an Infographic

There you have it. The hard part of scouring the world wide web for the best infographic generation platforms is now done, so there are no other excuses left for you to use when deciding whether or not to make your next infographic idea. Happy creating!

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  1. demian May 6, 2014 at 3:45 pm # is an excellent free tool to create infographics videos. You can upload your videos to youtube

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