Communication is key on a flight.

The pilots makes sure to know what is going in the control tower and is sure to inform the passengers to ensure a pleasant flight. Without that listening and communicating, the flight can get lost or go haywire. The same goes for your marketing plan. If you don’t listen and communicate what is going on, your brand will become scattered and lost in the mix. Our marketing team will identify the core strengths of your brand and market and use our resources to put you in front of your target market. Our effective communication skills allow us to increase brand awareness, raise your visibility in searches, and communicate your message to the people you want to hear it.

What Can We Do for You?

Content Writing

From blogs to website copy to eBooks to email newsletters, comprehensive, shareable content is a vital tool for attracting organic viewers to your site, and it’s also a major component of SEO.  Having strong content gives your brand credibility and authenticity, which is very important for your potential customers.

Media Outreach

Our team can identify and reach-out to reporters and bloggers to gain media coverage for your company. Whether you’re launching a new product or entering the United States market for the first time, we have built relationships with key media players in order to land our clients in top technology outlets.

Social Media

Since social media is such a necessary tool for online presence and SEO, our team can create and manage the platforms most pertinent for your industry. Platforms such as, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Quora, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Digg, Vimeo, RSS feeds

Social Media Ads

We create a wide variety of ad copy and targets in order to keep cost-per-click low on all of our social media campaigns. We stay aware of all social network and ad changes in order to deliver quality ads to a specified market.

Personal Branding

Consumers want to hear the voice behind the brand. We help CEOs and Founders craft a strong social media and blogging strategy in order to add credibility to the overall brand.

Analytics and Tracking

In any campaign it’s important to track what works and what doesn’t.  We use a mixture of technologies to closely track each element of our campaign – to elevate what works and change what doesn’t.  We also provide all clients with monthly reporting to stay transparent in all activities.

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