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A Well-Designed Workspace is a Productive Workspace

designed workspaceTo work well, you need to have an organized, well-lit space with plenty of greeneries. There are many ideas about what type of furnishings cater to productivity. Here are ideas for a well-designed workspace to encourage everyone in the office:

Let the Light In

Overhead fluorescent lighting is a staple of a traditional office space. For a small few, these lights can induce headaches and nausea; for many, these lights give the office space an overbearingly depressing vibe. The solution: natural sunlight and lamps. During the daytime, sunlight is the best light source for a work environment. It gives the space a cheery, relaxing vibe. Use blinds or window accents to cut down on the sunlight if it becomes too strong. These window accents will add to the obvious in more ways than one by bringing a homey vibe to the office. During the evenings, lamp lights with tungsten bulbs rather than fluorescent ones gave the office a warmth and continued homey esthetic.

Brick & Wood Are Always Good

Using brick and wood as furnishings immediately detracts any stuffy corporate feel and makes your  office space seem more young and vibrant. An exposed brick wall, for example, adds a dash of color and texture to a place that is probably filled with a lot of bland beige tones. An exposed brick wall, wood doors, or wood paneling on the walls keeps the place looking hip and yet professional.


The Desk is the Main Attraction

Orient your desk so that it is facing the door. This positioning commands authority from your colleagues and gives you a feeling that you are ready to take on any challenge that may enter. Alternatively, one way that you should never face your desk is towards a window.  According to the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, (the organizing of physical objects to attract positive energy) facing a window can cause you to miss out on job opportunities. It also poses as a huge a distraction to everyday tasks.

Furniture Fit For a King

No one likes working in an uncomfortable area. Metal chairs with rectangular tables just won’t do. Cushioned furniture is much more conducive to working long hours. Chairs that can recline and are height adjustable are especially recommended so each employee can adjust them to their liking. Tables with lots of leg room are ideal for obvious reasons though you probably didn’t know that choosing tables with different geometric shapes is preferable than the standard rectangular tables. Studies show that people respond better to round furniture and are more productive as a result. Using round furniture rather than straight and sharp-edged furniture results in positive emotions that caters to productivity. It is also known that for business meetings, sitting in round formations results in a collective mindset.

Green Thumb

If plants are your thing, you should know that the color green is said to enhance task performance as well as help brainstorm new ideas. Plants have their charm on the productive mindset by lowering stress levels and helping colleagues recover faster after stressful moments. Needless to say, one to two plants in every room could be just what is needed to alleviate your work environment.

Try out some of these techniques in your office and see the difference they inspire in your working methods.



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